Mountain Springs Staff

Christian Small
Medical Director - Medical Team

Dr. Small is uniquely qualified to treat both medical and mental health conditions. His professional experience encompasses General Psychiatry, Addiction Psychiatry and Family Medicine. He completed his medical and psychiatric training at UCSD. He holds Board Certification by the American Boards of Psychiatry, Preventative Medicine (Addictions) and Family Medicine. He personally trains and mentors the best mental health providers in the treatment industry.

Brian Lockard
Director of Operations

Born just outside Dallas, Texas, Brian has lived in Texas, Georgia, Florida and now Colorado. Brian attended Florida Atlantic University’s College of Business and brings 8 years of experience in the Behavioral Health field. Being in long-term recovery himself, Brian works hard every day to provide a comfortable atmosphere for those who come to MSR for help. Brian has gone to treatment for help himself, so he knows firsthand what the client experience looks and feels like.

Tiana Rothman
Clinical Director

Tiana is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist originally from Orange County, California. She to Colorado three years ago with my family to start a new adventure. Most of her professional career has been focused on working with those who have experienced chronic trauma and helping individuals repair their relationships and attachment injuries from childhood. She believe in the resiliency of people and value the importance of free will and choice. I enjoy creating therapeutic programming that targets these two areas to create new behavior patterns to better support continued growth and healing.

Krissy Rodriguez
HR Generalist

Krissy has over 16 years experience working in HR. She thrives on being the go between for the company and the employees and excels at conflict resolution. Krissy married her high school sweet heart and moved with him at his different duty stations while in the Marine Corps. Once out, they traveled back to their home state of Colorado and enjoy spending time outside with their kids enjoying the nature and scenery of the Mountains. Krissy has completed her Master's degree in Human Resources Management with a specialty in Organizational Leadership and Change Management and looks forward to using her experience and education working towards better goals for the company and it's employees and creating a sober living for the clients.

Medical disclaimer:

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