Drug and Alcohol Detox

Mountain Springs offers a homelike setting to accommodate people seeking alcohol and drug detoxification (detox). The center uses the latest technology to ensure that the detox process is as safe and comfortable as possible. After repeated use of alcohol and drugs, the body and brain may change, so we work with the utmost care to make detox as smooth as possible.

Detox procedures strive to manage withdrawal symptoms when people stop using substances so their bodies may eliminate the substances efficiently, safely, and comfortably.

Customized Alcohol and Drug Detox

At Mountain Springs, we monitor each person individually. We will not require you to participate in pre-set, structured treatments.

After a comprehensive assessment and monitoring process, our professional staff will offer recommendations for starting treatment. After they are satisfied that you are ready to begin treatment for substance abuse, we will encourage you to undergo detox and participate in various treatment procedures.

Why Are Detox Procedures Successful?

Research has shown that the successes or failures of rehabilitation programs often relate to detox programs. Because it may be quite painful and even life-threatening in some cases, detox from drugs and alcohol is a sensitive process. It is the reason why some people do not seek help for their addictions or quit the detox process before they complete it.

Evidence-based approaches make the sensitive detox process as comfortable as possible. We want to help clients move from detox to treatment to recovery. We are always looking for the best ways to keep you healthy and comfortable.

Make the Right Decision for Your Future

You may be wondering what will happen if you continue to use drugs or alcohol. You may not be mentally ready to let go of substance abuse or not know how to go about it. You may worry if you will be able to avoid drugs or alcohol once you leave rehab.

Do not let these questions and concerns keep you from taking action. No one will expect you to know or plan everything. That is why we are here – to hold your hand through the process. Call us today for guidance.

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